What is our Mission?

 Co-founder of Create the Connection Jacob Beckmann

Co-founder of Create the Connection Jacob Beckmann

Have you ever encountered someone with differences and not been sure how to react?  What if we told you that it is normal not to know how to feel.  In fact, many people feel a little uncomfortable around people who are different.   So don't feel bad you are having a normal reaction. 

This is what  inspired us to establish Create the Connection.  We have some very innovative ideas to help facilitate this process.  Some may consider us a little edgy, but hey,  all significant shifts in society occur when people have the courage to think outside the box.  

Create the Connection has an ambitious agenda, but we believe it will make a profound difference in how people with special needs experience their day-to-day social interaction with others.  We have three goals:

  • To launch a personal communication tool called Empowerment Cards (more to come about that, stay tuned!)
  • Create employment opportunities where people with differences are primarily running the day-to-day operations of the business including ownership.  We believe all humans have the right to pursue passionate, meaningful employment.
  • Develop and support inclusive experiences where people with challenges engage society.  These include sports, the arts, and other interesting, diverse environments.  All people deserve to have interesting environments where they can grow, thrive and connect!

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